Tip: Adding a PowerPoint slideshow to your site

Do you have a large PowerPoint presentation you’d like to share with your website visitors? SlideShare makes it easy to do so! Your visitors can easily view the entire slideshow (maximum file size of 50mb) just as you see it on your computer.

The presentation on your website looks great; rather than load PDFs that require someone to click a link and then wait for the PDF to load, the slideshow immediately presents the first page of your presentation. This graphical presentation will attract more viewers and is also a way to break up some text on your page. Click here to see an example of a PowerPoint presentation from the Darim Demo Site.

Here are the basic “How To’s” for Darim websites: load your PowerPoint Presentation onto SlideShare. You can choose to make it public or private, but be sure to Edit Your Profile and select “Allow Embedding Outside SlideShare”. You then copy the code they provide and paste that into the Source section in the Darim Admin.

If you’d like more information on how to load a SlideShare/PowerPoint presentation onto your Darim website, email: [email protected].

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