Darim Online works to empower and encourage staff and lay leadership of Jewish organizations to align their work for success in the digital age, and to use today’s available tools and strategies to achieve their goals.  We work with individuals, teams, organizations, and full communities to advance their work, through training, coaching and consulting, on short term and long term projects.


COACHING & CONSULTING. We offer communications strategy and strategic planning services, plus follow up training and support to help your organization implement the changes you seek to make.   We are committed to not only giving you a valuable deliverable, but making sure it’s useful to you as a tool to achieve your mission.

SOCIAL MEDIA BOOT CAMPS. Social Media Boot Camps are long term programs (minimum 6 months, up to a year, or more) that train and propel a cohort of organizations forward in their work.  Boot Camps are often funded by a Federation for a local group of organizations, or a foundation for a group of their grantees or organizations in their area of focus.

SPEAKING AND PRESENTATIONS. Lisa Colton, Founder and President of Darim Online, speaking and presentations at conferences, to board facilitations.  We can also help point you to awesome people in our network who might be a good fit for your specific needs!