The Neverending Haggadah

Every Passover, Jews around the world gather at the Seder table to re-tell one of the greatest stories ever: the Jewish Exodus from Egypt. As much as we love tradition, this year we are giving the Seder ritual a new twist—and we want you to join us!

So, how will this Passover be different from all other Passovers?

Because we are forgoing ye olde faithful Maxwell House Haggadah! We are working with our friends at to pilot their new group collaboration tool to create an online (and downloadable) crowd-sourced Haggadah. Are you up to the challenge for collectively creating a never-ending Haggadah? This is your chance to share content that will add color and depth to another Seder and also to find content that will make your Seder more meaningful. It’s a Haggadah of reciprocity!

5 Steps to Contribute

  • Explore and select 1-2 parts of the Haggadahthat speak to you. Having trouble deciding? We are happy to help you brainstorm.

    • Letter to My Old Master, from a freed African American slave to his former master, asking for his wages for 30 years of service.
    • An English translation of the Seder’s popular, concluding song, “Chad Gadya” (One Goat) with a translation based on the version retold by the Igbo people ofNigeria
    • The Four Adults, a take on the Four Children that reminds us that as adults we have a lot to learn from youth, especially when it comes to social justice. 
  • Upload your content here.  For each section of the haggadah, you may upload original writings, artwork or scan in selections from homemade or non-copyrighted haggadot. . Get creative! Tell your story with a photo, video, tweet, art or a traditional text story. Can you rap? Are you a master puppeteer? Can you say a blessing in pig-Latin? “But hey,” you say, “I already have something created!” Great, new or already published works are welcome! Watch this video that walks users through the simple process of creating and submitting content to 
  • Build your Haggadah. Use the content you have uploaded, mix and match it with other contributions on and, voila, you have your own custom, printable Haggadah. Better add seats to your Seder table!
  • Get your friends to contribute and spread the word. Know some people who might want to contribute content? Know others who would want to mix and match content to create their own Haggadah? Send them this post and our digital toolkit! If you post it online, be sure to use #NeverendingHaggadah. Anyone can contribute and also use the content they find to curate and download a free Haggadah for their Seder. Let’s spread the word.
  • Join our webinar. Still unsure about this whole creating your own Haggadah business? We will be hosting a webinar with Eileen Levinson, the founder of, on March 13 at 1 pm EST. She will provide tips for creating an interactive Haggadah and how to use it in your Seder. For more information and to register for the webinar, click here.

Learn more about The Neverending Haggadah here. If you have any questions, please send them to [email protected].


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