Taglines – Does Yours Command Attention?

Taglines are incredibly important in today’s era of information overload. Studies show that as we are inundated with more and more information, we develop skills to sort through the volume to pay attention to the most valuable content. Young people who grew up with the internet are the most adept.

Effective branding is an important factor for gaining and retaining people’s attention. Many organizations’ names don’t really convey what makes them unique, and for many of us, the explanation takes enough words that we lose a good percentage of our audience before they are hooked on our programs and mission.

Enter the tagline. Nancy Schwartz from Getting Attention! has published The Nonprofit Tagline Report, a collection of research, recommendations (dos and don’ts) and best practices developed after analysis of over 1000 organizations’ taglines. The report culminates in awards for the best taglines, plus a listing of finalists.

Examples I love include:

  • When You Can’t Do It Alone — Jewish Family and Children’s Service of Sarasota-Manatee, Inc.
  • Whatever it takes to save a child — U.S. Fund for UNICF
  • Starve Fear. Feed Hope. — National Eating Disorders Organization
  • People Who Change the World Need the Tools to Do It! –– NTEN (Nonprofit Technology Network)
  • Helping Preserve the Places You Cherish — LandChoices

Many organizations don’t even have a tagline. Do you?

The entertaining and informative report can be found on her website, www.gettingattention.org

Darim’s tagline is: Internet Strategies for Jewish Organizations and Their Communities. What do you think? Got suggestions for us? Leave a comment!

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