P.O.S.T. Planning Worksheet

Inspired by the book Groundswell by Charlene Li and Josh Bernoff, Darim has developed the POST Planning Worksheet.  POST stands for PEOPLE, OBJECTIVES, STRATEGY and TECHNOLOGY.  While many jump into social media thinking "Oh, Twitter is the latest hot thing, we should be doing THAT", to use the tool successfully to meet your goals takes a bit more thought.   Creating a plan can be an indepth and complex process, or can be on the back of a napkin.  Either way, asking the right questions in the right order is incredibly helpful. 

You can view the worksheet here, and feel free to click through to download this worksheet and use it as a tool in your planning process.  Gather a couple other people to think through each step with you.  And let us know what you learn by going through the POST process.

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