Hot off the Griddle Tasty New Publications from JESNA on Complementary and Congregational Education

[cross-posted on jlearn2.0] Looking for some good reading to round out 2008 or start off 2009?

Take a look at JESNAs Compendium of Complementary School Alternative Models/ Programs.

See whats happening with in-home learning programs, family education, camps, tutoring, choose your own courses, art-focused initiatives, complementary education programs with online components, and more. Each entry includes background about the program and contact information for follow up.

The Compendium is published by JESNAs Center for Excellence in Education. Also be sure to check out the companion volume, Compendium of Complementary School Change Initiatives (Summer 2008).

And to further whet your appetite for the new year, download your copy of Transforming Congregational Education: Lessons Learned and Questions for the Future published by JESNAs Lippman Kanfer Institute (December 2008). The paper is organized around three questions:

  1. What are the goals of congregational educational change? What can and should we hope to achieve through these efforts and for whom? What visions are guiding these endeavors?
  2. What is the content of congregational education change? What is it that needs to be changed? What are the primary drivers of success in this endeavor?
  3. What is the process for congregational educational change? What needs to be done, by whom, to make congregational educational change efforts succeed?

The paper reflects a synthesis of experiences and observations by key players in Jewish congregational learning. It concludes with ten questions that outline a learning and planning agenda for next steps in congregational educational change.

Dig in Btayavon!

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