Free “How to Make Online Video” Webinars

Picture 3ReadWriteWeb is reporting that YouTube and their partners are offering a series of free webinars to teach how to make successful online video.

The mega-video site is partnering with Videomaker magazine to offer free webinars on topics of interest to the would-be iJustines and Ask A Ninjas of the world. Topics will cover how to shop for a video camera, microphone techniques, lighting and all the basics of shooting palatable online video content.

According to the See3 blog, See What’s Out There, online video’ experienced a rapid rise in popularityand use because:

1. US broadband penetration has now grown to 63%.

2. As the medium has evolved, support has come forth to stabilize online video formats.

3. The low cost Flip video camera and other new technology is democratizing video making.

While a picture might be worth 1000 words, a 3 minute video is worth (at least 30 frames per secondx 60 seconds x 3 minutes =) 5,400,000 words. Now that’s impact. Potentially.

A lot can go wrong with your seemingly powerful online video. And crappy videos are, well crappy. And don’t hold a viewer’s attention, and don’t usually translate into action or support for your organization. To help you do it right, YouTube is partnering with Videomaker magazine to offer a series of free skill building webinars on topics such as CHoosing the right camera,lighting andfiltering, microphone techniques, the art of composition and handheld camera techniques. You can vote on the topics you want to have offered, and submit your own ideas and discuss common issues.

The first seminar will focus on “Basic Shooting Techniques” and is scheduled for October 27, 2009, at 2 p.m. PT / 5 p.m. ET. Click here to register.

You can also learn more about online video from See3’s Guide to Online Video, presented in, what else? Online video:

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