How “Ambient Awareness” Can Strengthen Your Community

“Why should we do things online when we all live in the same place, and meet up at the synagogue (or JCC or havurah or Hillel, etc.) in person? Online can never replace the face-to-face experience!” I hear this often, and spend a lot of my time explaining that an online experience is a complement,
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What We Can Learn From How Google Is Introducing Chrome

Google is introducing a new web browser, Chrome. Knowing that people seek, access and absorb information in many different ways, they have offered many different points of entry for learning about the browser. The most important part of their campaign is how they are inviting us inside to understand the process, not just selling their
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Be On Top of Your High Holy Day Web Site Game

While congregations spend a tremendous amount of time and energy preparing for the community to walk in the doors for the High Holy Days, it’s important to remember that your web site is a critical destination for members, prospects and the community at large at this time of year. Think creatively and carefully about how
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The Skinny on Microsites

Lets say your organization already has a website, but you have a project that needs some extra attention. It might be a capital campaign, a special event, a call for action, volunteering opportunities, a new publication, or a resource that is just aching to stand out from your general site. Consider the use of microsites,
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Preparing for Successful Technology Change

Adding a new technology to your organization’s toolbox is not as easy as it might initially seem. In addition to research and making a decision about which tool and vendor to select, the project management often takes more skill, time and focus that one assumes. Furthermore, management of a technology project really is quite different
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Imagine the uses of the URJ’s “Chai Dictionary”

The URJ is promoting an online dictionary that’s part of their Chai Curriculum. While it’s pretty simple, and not terribly extensive (maybe I should say “there’s room to grow”), it’s a very useful tool for those learning Hebrew, or wanting to brush up before the High Holy Days or for any other reason. Broken into
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What is “marketing” and “communications”?

While many people think the word “marketing” refers to trying to sell something, it’s really much more beautiful than that. We can look at the Jewish community in 2 different ways. Commonly, we see institutions which are trying to get people to become members, attend events, and make donations. Through a different lens we see
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Jewish Education 3.0: Teaching and Learning in the Digital Age

Last year at the CAJE32 conference in St. Louis the Lippman Kanfer Institute convened a think tank of fantastic educators to think about the future of Jewish education. A strong theme throughout the 3 day sequence was technology, and in response, Jonathan Woocher and his incredible team have launched a new think tank called “JE3”
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Darim Educators Meet For the First Time

Darim hosted two sessions on Monday — Web 2.0 in Education with case studies from three congregations, and the first ever meeting of the Darim Online Educators. This group includes classroom teachers and Directors of Education from middle and high school supplementary school settings. You can learn more about the program on the Darim web
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