And Now, A Word From Your Sponsor… Upcoming Darim Webinars

If you are a member of Darim Online’s Learning Network, you already know what’s coming up … lots of tasty webinars to enjoy this Spring: Ellen Dietrick’s session on tools for schools; the first of our A Taste Of… series featuring JT Waldman of Tagged Tanakh and Shayna Kreisler of Build A Prayer; Foundations of Social Media; Blogging for Success; Social Media Policies and Guidelines; Fundraising with Social Media; our Community Sharefest series focusing on Communications and Marketing, Eduction, and Boot Camps; Strategic Storytelling with Lisa Colton and Deborah Grayson Riegel… and more! Previous guest presenters included Monique Cuvelier, Michael Hoffman, Avi Kaplan, and Esther Kustanowitz.

Don’t miss out! Interested in becoming a member of our growing Learning Network? Learn more about Darim here, then c’mon down and step this way to sign up … Memberships are available for individuals and for organizations. Questions? Comments? Ideas? Contact us!

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