We love this sticker from one of our Social Media Boot Camp kickoffs where we asked each participant to create a personal tagline.  In our current rapidly evolving environment, we are all learning new things.  Not only new technologies and skills, but new ways of learning, experimenting, and leading ourselves, our organizations and the Jewish community forward. 

Darim Online works with a diverse population of organizations, staff and lay leaders.  These folks bring their energy, talents, creativity and enthusiasm to everything that they do, and we're thrilled that technology and networked practices are among them. 

We are thankful for the wisdom and partnership of those who participate in our programs, as well as the expertise of our presenters and trainers and consultants, and the support of our funders.  We hope you'll learn from us, and we love learning from you.

You'll notice several features within this site featuring the work of many members of our ecosystem Further, our webinars and live events are designed to surface the best practices from within our community, and to amplify the voices of the participants. 

Check out some highlighted people, organizations, and projects here.

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